The term 'duplex' refers to the ability of the data receiving stations to echo back a confirming message to the sender. In full duplex data transmission, both the sender and the receiver

A. cannot talk at once

B. can receive and send data simultaneously

C. can send or receive data one at a time

D. can do one way data transmission only

E. None of the above

Answer: Option B

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Which of the following statements is correct?

A. characteristic of the hub architecture of ARC-net is alternative routing.

B. characteristic of LAN is unlimited expansion

C. characteristic of LAN is low cost access for low bandwidth channels

D. characteristic of the hub architecture of ARC-net is directionalized transmission

E. None of the above

Which of the following statement is incorrect?

A. The CCITT Recommendation X.25 specifies three layers of communication: physical, link and network.

B. The second layer of communication is the data-link layer

C. Errors in the physical layer can be detected by the data link layer

D. The fourth layer, in reference to the OSI model, is the session layer

E. None of the above