Your company has a LAN in its downtown office and has now set up a LAN in the manufacturing plant in the suburbs. To enable everyone to share data and resources between the two LANs, what type of device(s) are needed to connect them? Choose the most correct answer.

A. Modem

B. Cable

C. Hub

D. Router

E. None of the above

Answer: Option D

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Ethernet networks can be cabled in a number of topologies, depending on what works best in each environment. As more nodes are added, the efficiency of Ethernet decreases. Select the best answer as to why Ethernet becomes less efficient as size increases.

A. Network collisions occur

B. Repeaters cannot increase the signal strength sufficiently

C. Cable terminators do not reflect the signal properly

D. Cable terminators do not absorb the signal properly

E. "Line echo" occurs due to the impedance of the cable