The top of a 15 metre high tower makes an angle of elevation of 60° with the bottom of an electric pole and angle of elevation of 30° with the top of the pole. What is the height of electric pole ?

TF is a tower with F on the ground. The angle of elevation of T from A is x° such that tan x°= $$\frac{2}{5}$$   and AF = 200 m. The angle of elevation of T from a nearer point B is y° with BF = 80 m. The value of y° is-

From the top of a tower, the angles of depression of two objects P and Q (situated on the ground on the same side of the tower) separated at a distance of 100$${\left( {3 - \sqrt 3 } \right)}$$   m are 45° and 60 ° respectively. The height of the tower is-

From a lighthouse the angles of depression of two ships on opposite sides of the light house are observed to be 30° and 45°. If the height of the lighthouse is h metres, the distance between the ships is

If a 1.5 m tall girl stands at a distance of 3 m from a lamp-post and casts a shadow of length 4.5 m on the ground, then the height of the lamp-post is

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