The price of raw materials has gone up by 15%, labor cost has also increased from 25% of the cost of raw material to 30% of the cost of raw material. By how much percentage should there be reduction in the usage of raw materials so as to keep the cost same?

A sales executive gets 20% bonus of the total sales value and 10% commission besides the bonus on the net profit after charging such commission. If the total sales value be Rs. 10 lakh per annum and the total profit of the company be Rs. 1.32 lakh, then his total earning per annum will be, given that he is not entitled to receive any fixed salary from the company :

A shepherd had n goats in the year 2000. In 2001 the no. of goats increased by 40%. In 2002 the no. of goats declined to 70%. In 2003 the no. of goats grew up 30%. In 2004, he sold 10% goats and then he had only 34,398 goats. The percentage increase of the no. of goats in this duration was :

In an office in Singapore there are 60% female employees. 50 % of all the male employees are computer literate. If there are total 62% employees computer literate out of total 1600 employees, then the no. of female employees who are computer literate ?

The price of a car depreciates in the first year by 25% in the second year by 20% in third year by 15% and so on. The final price of the car after 3 years, if the present cost of the car is Rs. 10,00,000 :

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