In an election between two candidates, 85% of the voters cast their votes, out which 4% of the votes were declared invalid. A candidate got 6936 votes which were 85% of the valid votes. Find the total number of voters enrolled in that election.

In an election between two candidates, 5% of the registered voters did not cast their vote. 10% of the votes were found to be either invalid or of NOTA. The winning candidate received 60% votes in his favour and won the election by 17271 votes. Find the number of registered voters.

ln an examination, the number of students who passed and the number of students who failed were in the ratio 25 : 4. If one more students had appeared and passed and the number of failed students was 3 less than earlier, the ratio of passed students to failed students would have become 22 : 3. What is the difference between the number of students who, initially, passed the examination and the number of students who failed the examination?

Anuja owns $$66\frac{2}{3}\% $$  of a property. If 30% of the property that she owns is worth Rs. 1,25,000, then 45% of the value (in Rs.) of the property is:

Ankita's weight is 20% less than that of her grandmother. The grandmother weights 26 kg less than grandmother's husband, whose weight is 81 kg. If Ankita's brother is 8 kg heavier than Ankita, then what is the weight (in kg) of Ankita's brother?

The volume of the water in two tanks, A and B, is in the ratio of 6 : 5. The volume of water in tank A is increased by 30%. By what percentage should the volume of water in tank B be increased so that both the tanks have the same volume of water?

The monthly salary of a person was Rs. 1,60,000. He used to spend on three heads Personal and family expenses (P), Taxes (T) and Education loan (E). The rest were his savings. P was 50% of the income, E was 20% of P and T was 15% of E. When his salary got raised by 30%, he maintained the percentage level of P, but E became 30% of P and T became 20% of E. The sum of the two savings (in Rs.) is:

The number of students in a class is 45, out of which $$33\frac{1}{3}\% $$  are boys and the rest are girls. The average score of girls is Science is $$66\frac{2}{3}\% $$  more than that of boys. If the average score of all the students is 78, then the average score of girls is:

A saves 35% of his income. If his income increase by 20.1% and his expenditure increase by 20%, then by what percentage do his saving increase or decrease? (correct to one decimal place)

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