If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 60% and the denominator is increased by 40%, then resultant fraction is $$\frac{{16}}{{63}}.$$ The original fraction is:

In an examination, B obtained 20%, more marks than those obtained by A, and A obtained 10% less marks than those obtained by C. D obtained 20% marks than those obtained by C. By what percentage are the marks obtained by D more than those obtained by A?

Kavita's attendance in her school for the academic session 2018-2019 was 216 days. On computing her attendance, it was observed that her attendance was 90%. The total working days of the school were:

In an examination, 92% of the students passed and 480 students failed. If so, how many students appeared in the examination?

Sachin scored 120 runs, which included 6 boundaries and 4 sixes. What percentage of his total score did he make by running between the wickets?

Renu saves 20% of her income. If her expenditure increase by 20% and income increase by 29%, then her saving increase by:

The sum of the number of male and female students in an institute is 100. If the number of male students is x, then the number of female students becomes x% of the total number of students. Find the number of male students.

If 91% of A is 39% of B, and B is x% of A, then the value of x is:

The reduction of 20% in the price of rice enables a person to obtain 50 kg more for Rs. 450. Find the original price of rice per kg.

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