A shopkeeper bought 20 kg of rice at Rs. 55 per kg, 25 kg of rice at Rs. 50 per kg, and 35 kg of rice at Rs. 60 per kg. He spent a sum of Rs. 150 on transportation. He mixed all the three types of rice and sold all the stock at Rs. 62.56 per kg. His profit percent in the entire transaction is:

The monthly salary of a person was Rs. 75,000. He used to spend on Family Expenses (E), Taxes (T), Charity (C) and rest were his savings. E was 60% of the income, T was 20% of E, and C was 15% of T. When his salary got raised by 40% he maintained the percentage level of E, but T became 30% of E and C became 20% of T. The ratio of the saving of his earlier salary to that of his present salary is:

If 49% of X = Y, then Y% of 50 is:

In a class, if 60% of the students are boys and the number of girls is 36, then the number of boys is:

When the price of an item was reduced by 20%, its sale increased by x%. If there is an increase of 25% in receipt of the revenue, then the value of x is:

A student multiplied a number with $$\frac{3}{4}$$ instead of $$\frac{4}{3}.$$ What is the error percentage?

A person saves $$33\frac{1}{3}\% $$  of his income. If the saving increases by 22% and the expenditure increases by 10%, then the percentage increase in his income is:

The sum of weights of A and B is 80 kg. 50% of A's weight is $$\frac{5}{6}$$ times the weight of B. Find the difference between their weights.

In an election, candidate X got 70% of the overall valid votes. If 20% of the overall votes were declared invalid and the total numbers of votes is 64000, then find the number of valid votes polled in favour of the candidate.

In an election between two candidates, 65% of the voters cast their votes, out of which 3% of the votes were decided to be invalid. A candidate got 81965 votes which are 65% of the total valid votes. What is the total number of votes enrolled in that election?

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