There are 600 boys in a hostel. Each plays either hockey or football or both. If 75% play hockey and 45% play football, how many play both ?

A man spends 80% of his income. With increase in the cost of living, his expenditure increases by $$37\frac{1}{2}$$% and his income increases by $$16\frac{2}{3}$$%. His present savings are :

At the college entrance examination, each candidate is admitted or rejected according to whether he has passed or failed the tests. Of the candidates who are really capable, 80% pass the tests and of the incapable, 25% pass the test. Given that 40% of the candidates are really capable, the proportion of capable college students is about:

What percent of 7.2 kg is 18 gms ?

? % of 450 + 46% of 285 = 257.1

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