If A and B together can complete a piece of work in 15 days and B alone in 20 days, in how many days can A alone complete the work?

If A and B together can complete a work in 18 days, A and C together in 12 days, and B and C together in 9 days, then B alone can do the work in:

A and B together can complete a work in 3 days. They start together but after 2 days, B left the work. If the work is completed after two more days, B alone could do the work in

A can complete a piece of work in 18 days, B in 20 days and C in 30 days, B and C together start the work and forced to leave after 2 days. The time taken by A alone to complete the remaining work is:

Working 5 hours a day, A can Complete a work in 8 days and working 6 hours a day, B can complete the same work in 10 days. Working 8 hours a day, they can jointly complete the work in:

Ganga and Saraswati, working separately can mow field in 8 and 12 hours respectively. If they work in stretches of one hour alternately. Ganga is beginning at 9 a.m., when will the moving be completed?

If 10 men can do a piece of work in 12 days, the time taken by 12 men to do the same piece of work will be:

To complete a work, A takes 50% more time than B. If together they take 18 days to complete the work, how much time shall B take to do it?

If 10 men or 20 boys can make 260 mats in 20 days, then how many mats will be made by 8 men and 4 boys in 20 days?

A complete $$\frac{7}{{10}}$$ of a work in 15 days, then he completed the remaining work with the help of B in 4 days. In how many day A and B can complete entire work together?

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