A high vapour velocity is required for high plate efficiency in a seive plate coloumn. The satisfactory value of operating vapor velocity for design purpose in seive plate column is about __________ percent of the flooding velocity.

A pipe is generally made of circular cross-section, because a circular cross-section has the

For a cylindrical shell, (subject to the thickness of uppermost course being more than the minimum for diaofthe tank in question), the thickness of the courses of shell

Angled baffles are preferred in the agitation tank to control the swirling action; if the viscosity of the liquid to be mixed is about 200 poise. However, the baffle may be completely eliminated for mixing liquids having viscoisty above __________ poise.

With increase in pressure drop (for a given particle size), the dust collection efficiency of a cyclone separator will

Pick out the wrong statement

At the following point for a given packing and set of fluids, the pressure drop per metre of packed height, with variation in fluid rates and operating pressure

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