The length of straight rectangular weir used on cross-flow trays is generally __________ the column diameter.

Overall distillation column efficiency for most of the refinery columns can be given by (for $$\mu $$ = 0.07 - 1.4 cp and relative volatility < 4) (where η = overall column efficiency, % $$\mu $$ = molal average viscosity of feed at average column temperature and pressure, cp Δp = pressure drop per tray, psi)

The absorption factor is defined as (where, S1 = slope of the equilibrium curve, S2 = slope of the operating line)

A cylindrical storage tank can have a self supported conical roof,

A stuffing box is used for

The diameter of a propeller agitator used in agitation tank ranges from __________ percent of the tank diameter and its peripherial speed is normally 300 to 500 metres/minute.

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