The action of JFET in its equivalent circuit can best be represented as a

In a p+n junction diode under reverse bias, the magnitude of electric field is maximum at

A constant current signal across a parallel RLC circuits gives an output of 1.4v at the signal frequency of 3.89KHZ and 4.1KHZ. At the frequency of 4KHZ, the output voltage will be

If $$\alpha $$ = 0.98, $${I_{{\text{CO}}}} = 6\mu {\text{A}}$$   and $${I_\beta } = 100\mu {\text{A}}$$   for a transistor, then the value of $${I_{\text{C}}}$$ will be

An npn BJT has gm = 38 mA/v, Cµ = 10-14 F, Cπ = 4 × 10-13 F and DC current gain β0 = 90. For this transistor fT & fβ are