Directions (1 - 5): The following line – graph gives the ratio of the amounts of imports by a company to the amount of exports from that company over the period from 2005 to 2011.
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If the imports of the company in 2006 be Rs. 272 crores, the exports from the company in the same year was:

A. Rs. 370 crores

B. Rs. 320 crores

C. Rs. 280 crores

D. Rs. 275 crores

E. Rs. 264 crores

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

From graph, we find that the ratio of value of import to the value of export in 2006 is 0.85
Let the value of export in 2006 be Rs. $$x$$ crores.
$$\eqalign{ & \frac{272}{x} = 0.85 \cr & \Rightarrow x = \frac{272}{0.85} \cr & \Rightarrow x = \frac{272\times100}{85} \cr & \Rightarrow x = 320 \cr} $$
Hence, the value of exports in 2006 was Rs. 320 crores

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