The difference between the value of the number increased by 20% and the value of the number decreased by 25% is 36. Find the number ?

In a village, each of the 60% of families has a cow; each of the 30% of families has a buffalo and each of the 15% of families has both a cow and buffalo. In all there are 96 families in the village. How many families do not have a cow or a buffalo ?

The population of a village has increased annually at the rate of 25%. If at the end of 3 years it is 10000, the population in the beginning of the first year was :

A saves 20% of his monthly salary. If his monthly expenditure is Rs. 6000, then his monthly savings is :

A man spends 75% of his income. His income increased by 20% and he increased his expenditure by 15%. His savings will then be increased by :

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