A man buys a chair and table for Rs. 6000. He sells the chair at a loss of 10% and the table at gain of 10%. He still gains Rs. 100 on the whole. Cost price of chair is:

By selling a bicycle for Rs. 2,850, a shopkeeper gains 14%. If the profit is reduced to 8%, then the selling price will be:

By selling an article, a man makes a profit of 25% of its selling price. His profit percent is:

Two successive price increase of 10% and 10% of an article are equivalent to a single price increase of:

A stockiest wants to make some profit by selling sugar. He contemplates about various methods. Which of the following would maximize his profit?
i. Sell sugar at 10% profit.
ii. Use 900 g of weight instead of 1 kg.
iii. Mix 10% impurities in sugar and selling sugar at cost price.
iv. Increase the price by 5% and reduced weights by 5%.

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