A watch costing Rs. 120 was sold at a loss of 15%. At what price was it sold?

The cost of setting up a magazine is Rs. 2800. The cost of paper and ink etc is Rs. 80 per 100 copies and printing cost is Rs. 160 per 100 copies. In last month 2000 copies were printed but only 1500 copies could be sold at Rs. 5 each. Total 25% profit on the sale price was realized. There is one more resource of income from magazine which is advertising. What sum of money obtained from the advertising in magazine?

A person bought a certain quantity of rice at the rate of Rs. 150/quintal. 10% of the rice was spoiled. At what rate(per quintal) should he sell the remaining rice to earn 20% profit.

A trader sells two brands of petrol; one is Extra Premium and other one is speed. He mixes 12 litres Extra Premium with 3 litres of speed and by selling this mixture at the price of Extra Premium he gets the profit of 9.09. If the price of Extra Premium Rs. 48 per litre, then the price of Speed is:

Kamal bought a house, whose sale price was Rs. 8 lakh. He availed 20% discount as an early bird offer and then 10% discount due to cash payment. After that he spent 10% of the cost price in interior decoration and lawn of the house. At what price should he sell the house to earn a profit of 25%?

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