If ABC and PQR are similar triangles in which ∠ A = 470 and ∠ Q = 830, then ∠ C is:
triangles mcq solution1

In the following figure which of the following statements is true?
triangles mcq question

In triangle PQR length of the side QR is less than twice the length of the side PQ by 2 cm. Length of the side PR exceeds the length of the side PQ by 10 cm. The perimeter is 40 cm. The length of the smallest side of the triangle PQR is :

AB and CD bisect each other at O. If AD = 6 cm. Then BC is :
triangles mcq question3

In a triangle ABC,∠ A = 900, AL is drawn perpendicular to BC, Then ∠ BAL is equal to:
triangles mcq question4