Which of the following is a limitation of decentralisation?

Which of the following is not an important factor in decision-making?

Which of the following are the principles of scientific management?
1. Different piece rate plan
2. Equal pay for all
3. Cooperation between managers and workers
4. Standardisation of tools and machines
5. Scientific selection of workman

The main drawback of functional organisation developed by Taylor is that it falls to recognise the
1. scalar principle
2. principle of equity
3. principle of unity of command
4. principle of Espirit de Corps
Which of the following statements are true/false?

Which of the following can be a criticism against human relations theory?

Match the following.
List-I (Management Thinkers) List-II (Contributions)
a. FWT aylor 1. Application of psychology to management
b. Henry Fayol 2. Sociological concept of group behaviour
c. Elton Mayo 3. Time and motion study
d. Hugo Munsterberg 4. 14 principles of management

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