Which of the following statements is/are correct?
1. A formal organisation includes a high degree of formality.
2. A formal organisation has clear cut distinction and demarcation of statues and roles.
3. A formal organisation has special rules and procedures.

The biggest challenge in planning for change is

Match the following.
List-I (Books) List-II (Authors)
a. Competitive Advantage 1. Peter Senge
b. Competing for Future 2. Douglas Murray McGregor
c. The Fifth Discipline 3. Michael E Porter
d. The Human Side of Enterprise 4. CK Prahallad and Gary Hamel

The main difference between delegation and decentralisation are
1. Delegation involves transfer of authority and not responsibility; where as decentralisation involves transfer of authority and responsibility.
2. Decentralisation is by the will of the superior; while delegation is done legally.
3. Distributing authority can take place at will while in decentralisation it requires a legal action.
Select the correct answer:

Match the following.
List-I List-II
a. Matrix 1. Used by global companies
b. Network organisation 2. Defined authority
c. Informal organisation 3. No rules
d. Formal organisation 4. Combines product organisation and functional organisation

Which of the following comes under the scope of line and staff relationship?

. . . . . . . . is the unbroken line of authority linking each employee with the top most position in the organisation through a series of management posts.

Two lists are given below. Match both the lists and choose the correct answer:
List-I List-II
a. Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) 1. FW Taylor
b. Managerial Role Approach 2. Hugo Munsterberg
c. Application of Psychology to Industry and Management 3. Mintzberg
d. Principles of Scientific Management 4. Henry L Gantt

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