A tradesman marks his goods at 25% above the cost price and allows purchasers a discount of $$\frac{{25}}{2}$$%, his profit is:

A bicycle marked at Rs. 2,000, is sold with two successive discount of 20% and 10%.An additional discount of 5% is offered for cash payment. The selling price of the bicycle at cash payment is:

The marked price of a shirt and trousers are in the ratio 1:2. The shopkeeper gives 40% discount on the shirt. If the total discount in the set of the shirt and trousers is 30%, the discount offered on the trousers is:

A dealer buys an article marked at Rs. 25,000 with 20% and 5% off. He spends Rs. 1,000 for its repairs and sells it for Rs. 25,000. What is his gain or loss per cent?

A trader sells his goods at a discount 20%. He still makes a profit of 25%. If he sells the goods at the marked price only, his profit will be:

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