Consider the following statements about Railway Convention Committee:
1)The Chairman of the Committee is appointed by the Speaker from amongst the members of the Committee
2) The Committee reviews the rate of dividend which is payable by the Railway Undertaking to the General Revenues
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

What was the main source of earning of Railway?

Which of the following has become the India’s first railway station to have sanitary napkin vending machine?

Indian Railway will publish new Magazine in all regional language. The name of that Magazine is:

Seikan Tunnel which is a Railway tunnel with less than half length under seabed is located in which country?

The first - ever Indian Railways Human Resources Round Table Conference has started in which city?

Kacheguda railway station has declared the India’s first Energy - Efficient ‘A1 Category’ Railway Station. It is situated in which city?

India’s first - ever railways disaster management centre will come up in which city?

The Ministry of Railways has signed MoU with which Union Ministry to augment services in Railway hospitals?

Which road suburban railway station in Mumbai has been rechristened as Prabhadevi station?

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