Order VIII Rule 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure mandates that the defendant shall file the written statement of his defence within:

After the passing of a decree for payment of money, on the application of the Judgment debtor, Court shall not order that payment of the amount of decree shall be made by instalments-

In execution of decree against legal representatives, the liability of the legal representative under section 50 of Code of Civil Procedure

Plaintiff may bring fresh suitor Court may restore suit to file under which of the following in the Code of Civil Procedure?

Essential condition provided under section 100(1) of Code of Civil Procedure for preferring second appeal is

While considering whether an amendment is to be granted or not

Under the provision of Civil Procedure Code plea of adverse possession is a defence available

A judgment-debtor is arrested in execution of a decree for the payment of money and the Judgment-debtor pays the amount of the decree and the costs of the arrest to the officer arresting him, such officer-

A suit in respect of public charities is provided under