Which of the following combinations are correctly matched?
1. Judgement and decree ⇔ Section 34, Code of Civil Procedure
2. Costs ⇔ Section 35, Code of Civil Procedure
3. Institution of suits ⇔ Section 26, Code of Civil Procedure
4. Legal representative ⇔ Section 50, Code of Civil Procedure
Select correct answer:

After signing of judgment or final order, the same can be altered or reviewed only for the purpose of:"

Which one of following conditions must be satisfied in order to apply the rule of res judicata as between co-defendants?

Failure of the judgment debtor to file affidavit of assets under Order XXI Rule 41(b) of the Code of Civil Procedure can result in:

Where the defendant is absent at the time when service of summons is sought to be effected on him at his residence, there being no likelihood of his availability within reasonable time and in absence of an empowered agent, the service may be made on

Objection as to non-joinder or mis-joinder of parties under Order 1, Rule 13 of Code of Civil Procedure

Abatement of suit can be set aside

Under Order IX, Rule 8 of Code of Civil Procedure, a suit can be dismissed if

Arrest and detention of a person in civil imprisonment in execution of a decree: