In which of the following way if a former suit is dismissed, it could not be said of a matter that it was heard and finally decided?
1. For want of jurisdiction
2. For default plaintiff under Order
9 Rule 8.
3. For want of notice
4. On the ground of non-joinder
5. For want of cause of action

Which of the following is the true meaning of the term Legal Representative under the Code of Civil Procedure 1908?

A files a suit for declaration that he is entitled to certain land as the heir of C. The suit is dismissed. Subsequently suit is claimed on the basis of adverse possession; subsequent suit is barred on the ground of

Any party may address oral arguments in his case and before the conclusion of oral arguments can submit written arguments and such written arguments

In cases where there are more than one defendant, a suit can be instituted in a court within whose local jurisdiction

A suit is dismissed wrongly on the ground of being barred by limitation. The order of dismissal would operate as res judicata and bar a subsequent suit on the same cause of action.

Which of the following deals with the production of document on which plaintiff sues or relies in the Code of Civil Procedure?