Whether a minor on attaining majority may, if a sole plaintiff, apply that a suit instituted in his name by his next friend be dismissed on the ground that it was unreasonable or improper:

An application for the substitution of the legal representatives of the plaintiff who has died, has to be moved by

The leave may be granted by the civil court to deliver interrogatories

Which of the following principles is not true regarding Pleadings?

Second appeal shall not lie from any decree, as provided under Section 102 of Code of Civil Procedure, when the subject-matter of original suit is for recovery of money not exceeding

No preliminary decree is passed

In the case of a Public nuisance a suit for declaration and injunction may be instituted by:

Under which section of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, the High Court of Delhi observed that the Act has no application in the context of contempt of Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).

During the pendency of an appeal by the four defendants in the suit, one of the appellants (defendants) dies and no steps for substitution of his legal representatives are taken and the appeal in so far as it relates to the said appellant abates. The five respondents (plaintiffs) apply for dismissal of the entire appeal as abated. Answer whether: