The ratio of the length of a rod and its shadow is 1 : $$\sqrt 3 $$ The angle of elevation of the sum is

It is found that on walking x metres towards a chimney in a horizontal line through its base, the elevation of its top changes from 30° to 60° . The height of the chimney is

A ladder makes an angle of 60° with the ground when placed against a wall. If the foot of the ladder is 2 m away from the wall, then the length of the ladder (in metres) is

The tops of two poles of height 20 m and 14 m are connected by a wire. If the wire makes an angle of 30° with horizontal, then the length of the wire is

A lower subtends an angle of 30° at a point on the same level as its foot. At a second point h metres above the first, the depression of the foot of the tower is 60°. The height of the tower is

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