A tradesman fixed his selling price of goods at 30% above the cost price. He sells half the stock at this price, one-quarter of his stock at a discount of 15% on the original selling price and rest at a discount of 30% on the original selling price. Find the gain percentage altogether?

A dishonest dealer marks up the price of his goods by 20% and gives a discount of 10% to the customer. Besides, he also cheats both his supplier and his buyer by 100 grams while buying or selling 1 kilogram. Find the percentage profit earned by the shopkeeper?

Ajay bought a motor cycle for Rs. 50,000. 2 years later he sold it to Vijay at 10% less of the cost price. Vijay spend 5% of the purchasing price on its maintenance. Later Vijay displayed the sale price of his motorcycle Rs. 50,000. Chetan wanted to purchase it at 15% discount but Vijay gave him two successive discounts of 10% and 5% instead of 15% in one time. What is the actual discount availed by Chetan?

A trader sells goods to a customer at a profit of k% over the cost price, besides it he cheats his customer by giving 880 g only instead of 1 kg. Thus his overall profit percentage is 255. Find the value of k?

A retailer increase the selling price by 25% due to which his profit percentage increase from 20% to 25%. What is the percentage increase in cost price ?

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