Ordinarily an amendment of pleading in a suit may be carried out by the contesting parties under Order VI Rule 17 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908.The court may allow the amendment:
1. In case the changes carried out in the pleading do not change the relief claimed for.
2. At any stage of the suit.
3. Without imposing costs.
4. Of an application filed for interim relief.
Select the correct answer:

Under Order 8 Rule 6 Code of Civil Procedure set-off may be permitted if-

On rejection of a suit under Order VII, Rule 11 of Code of Civil Procedure, a fresh suit on the same cause of action under Order VII, Rule 13 of Code of Civil Procedure

Mesne profits as defined under section 2(12) Code of Civil Procedure means those profits which the person in wrongful possession of

A' granted an injunction restraining 'B' from use of a trade mark. 'A' alleged that 'B' had willfully disobeyed the injunction order. 'B' pleaded that he had no knowledge of the injunction order. Evidence was non conclusive. The Court shall order

Under Order XVIII, Rule 4(4) of Code of Civil Procedure, the objection raised during the recording of evidence by the Commissioner

In which of the following cases cross-objections as between co-respondents can be permitted?

Order 5, Rule 26 provides for summons to be served:

The court ordered for the attachment of agricultural produce. The judgment debtor continued the acts of husbandry, such as, cutting, gathering and storing the produce. Is this proper?